Case study – MP Seven Limited

Product: LOADMON 50

“Get it right first time is the most important principle in cable installations. Inefficiency is a luxury that a successful crew cannot afford.”
– Martin Powell, Owner/Director, MP Seven Limited.

Martin is an experienced contractor and owner of MP Seven Limited, a private engineering company that specializes in controlling labour-based operations for programmes of all scales.

Among the many projects Martin has undertaken, he was responsible for the completion of the Burford to Rissington EHV Cable Route.

The works involved the installation of 33kV 400mm² XLPE aluminium cables, under trefoil arrangement, within 160mm general purpose ducts and over a total distance of 6km.

The Distribution Network Operator financing this project was Scottish & Southern Electric(SSE).

Prior to installation, operation managers consult cable pulling calculations with a view to ensuring that pulling forces do not surpass manufacturer’s specifications, hence maintain material integrity.

However, experienced operators have observed that pulling calculations are always conservative and that winch dynamometers do not measure the actual tension on the cable’s head.

LOADMON 50 was created to offer a solution to this problem. It was attached to the cable head, enabling the operator to receive accurate tension readings and valuable data.

LOADMON 50 provided information on the journey of cables inside the ducts that previously was not possible, thereby providing an accurate record of the cable installation.

Our team found LOADMON 50 easy and quick to fit before commencing the cable pull. They hardly knew it was there as its inclusion did not limit or change the cable movement in any way to what had been expected. It was just ‘Fit & Go’ and there was no need for any training. The result was the availability of a printed record of the cable pulling operations, enabling great peace of mind, both for our team and our Customer.