Battery Voltage Supervisor (BVS) is a battery monitoring system. It is used for real-time data gathering and viewing. Main role of BVS is monitoring battery voltage values during a battery discharge testing.

The BVS is an integrated system consisting of:

  • BVS Control Unit (BVS-CU)
  • Cell Voltage Modules (CVM)
  • String Voltage module (SVM) (optional)
  • String current module (SCM) (optional)

The system of Battery voltage supervisor identifies a potential battery malfunction. That is done by monitoring the following cell parameters from an array of the cell voltage modules CVM:

  • Cell voltage
  • Intercell connection voltage

In addition, the BVS-CU provides ambient temperature measurements on multiple locations(4 temperature channels). Overall string voltage and string current measurements can be achieved by using optional string voltage module (SVM) and string current module (SCM). CVM modules detect cells that fail a discharge test based on measured voltage values. As a result these cells can be safely removed from the battery string. Data acquisition and extensive analysis capabilities of data collected from the modules are available in the DV–B Win application software suite. They provide a user data viewing, tracking and generation of comprehensive reports.

  • Efficient analyzer for battery discharge testing
  • Automated string and cell voltage, and intercell connection voltage, string current and ambient temperature    measurements during capacity tests
  • Detection and notification of failing cells
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Detailed test analysis and reporting provided using DV-B Win software
Included accessories

  • Mains power cable
  • USB cable
  • DV-B Win software
  • Cell Voltage modules*
Recommended accessories

  • Voltage sense cables 2 x 0,25 m 1 mm2    with banana plugs + aligator clips*
  • Communication cable for CVM    connection 1 x 0,25 m*
  • Communication cable for CVM    connection 1 x 2 m
  • Temperature sensor for ambient    temperature measurement 1,5 m
  • Plastic transport case(s)*
Optional accessories

  • String Voltage module
  • String Current module
  • Voltage sense cables 2 x 0,5 m 1 mm2    with banana plugs + aligator clips*
  • Voltage sense cables 2×0,25 m 1 mm2    with banana plugs + dolphin clips*
  • Voltage sense cables 2 x 0,5 m 1 mm2    with banana plugs + dolphin clips*
  • Voltage sense cables 2×0,25 m 1 mm2    with banana plugs*
  • Voltage sense cables 2 x 0,5 m 1 mm2    with banana plugs*
  • Sense cables 2 x 5 m with banana    plugs + dolphin clip
  • Current clamp 30/300 A with internal    battery supply and extension 5 m
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery 8,4 V     300 mAh for current clamps
  • Battery charger 2 x 9 V for NiMH/NiCd    batteries
  • Aligator clip (red)
  • Aligator clip (black)
  • Dolphin clip (red)
  • Dolphin clip (black)
  • Communication cable for CVM    connection 1 x 0,5 m*
  • Communication cable for CVM    connection 1 x 1 m*
  • Tape for CVM
  • Bluetooth communication module
  • Cable bag

* Number of CVM and cable sets may vary depending on application

The DV-B Win software is included in the price, and all its updates are free of charge. Using the DV-B Win software a test can be performed and monitored from a PC, and the results can be saved directly to a PC. Communication between the BLU and a PC is achieved through a USB cable. Using the DV-B Win, the results can be arranged and printed for a report in selectable formats as XLS, PDF, Word, or RTF. Also, a possibility of importing other types of data formats (jpg, png, doc) into standardized DV-B Win report is provided, as well as exporting the numerical and graphical results from the DV-B Win into a customizable report. Additionally, the software provides a possibility of setting extra parameters (cell voltage, string voltage, capacity and time) for alarming and terminating the test.