The DV Power BAC25A is a portable battery charger used primarily for charging plant Lead-Acid and Ni-Cd batteries. This unit is intended to quickly recharge a battery following a discharge test or to support the main charger for rapid battery charging. Two charging modes allow batteries to be maintained and charged using either constant current or constant voltage. Output voltages are selectable in the range of 10 V to 300 V DC. This device generates current up to 25 A and weighs only 10 kg. In addition, it is equipped with thermal, overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage protection. The LCD display enables users to monitor all relevant information during a charging process and to adjust the charging current, charging time, etc.

DV Power provides a 3-year warranty on all test instrumentation. This is a guarantee to our customers that they will receive the highest quality test equipment on the market.

  • Lightweight – only 10 kg
  • Instrument max power – up to 2.7 kW
  • Voltage range: 10-300 V DC
  • Current range up to 25 A DC
  • Measurement resolution – current 0.1 A, voltage 0.1 V
  • Two charging modes available:

IUU – constant current + constant voltage
UU – constant voltage + constant voltage, with current limit

  • Adjustable alarm and shutdown parameters for preventing excessive charge
Included accessories

  • Mains power cable
  • Ground (PE) cable
Recommended accessories

  • Current cables 2×5 m 6 mm2 (16.4 ft, 9 AWG) with alligator clamps (A2) isolated
  • Transport case