The unrivalled power to weight ratio of the ALT-120/60 makes it the most powerful truly portable AC Hipot on the market. With a rating of 7kVA and continually adjustable AC output up to 120kV the ALT-120/60 is an extremely versatile AC test set. This versatility and a very generous duty cycle allows for numerous sequential tests and extended time testing applications on all manner of HV equipment.

The ALT series of AC Dielectric Test Sets provide continuously adjustable AC output voltages used to provide a go/no-go, or pass/fail AC voltage withstand test on high voltage apparatus, like switchgear, circuit breakers, reclosers, vacuum bottles, hot sticks, rubber products, motor windings, bus duct, insulators, and any other apparatus needing an AC voltage insulation proof test. The Alt Series offer the most portable, affordable, and easiest to use AC testers at this voltage and power.

  • Continuously adjustable output voltage
  • Fixed overload, factory set to 120% of rated output current
  • Zero start and external interlock provision
  • Three-range voltmeter from dual internal voltage dividers
  • Dual-range current meter, 0 – 250 µA and 0-1.0 mA with x1, x10, and x100 multipliers
  • Guard/ground return circuit
  • Automatic transit protected meters
  • Rugged case with cushion grips
  • Test timer circuit
  • Simple controls
  • Hand cart included
  • Transit protected meters
Input: 120V, 60Hz, 30A or 230V, 50/60Hz, 15A
Output: 0 – 120kVac, 60mA or 0 – 60kVac, 100mA (full load side tap)
4kVA resistive load, 7kVA capacitive load
Duty: 7kVA: 1 hr on, 2 hour off; 4kVA continuous
Handcart Included
Voltmeter: 3.5″, scaled 0-30/60kVac and 0-60/120kVac ±2% FS accuracy
Currentmeter: 3.5″, scaled 0-250µAac and 0-1mA, ±2% FS with multipliers x1, x10, x100
Guard/ground load return: Yes
Voltage output: Continuously adjustable up to max. voltage
Interlocks: Zero start and external interface
Protection: Surge and transient
Cable Length
Output cable: None: Fibre glass cylinder with spinning (top toroid) and side tap
Size & Weight
Controls: 533mm w x 286mm d x 387mm h, 21kg
HV Tank: 394mm w x 394mm d x 699mm h, 73kg