The TD-34E and VLF-34E cable testing combo allows almost all possible VLF and VLF-TD testing to be performed on cable rated to 25kV. Wireless operation and data collection is facilitated by custom application software specifically written for the HV Inc microprocessor VLF-TD range of HV test sets. HV Inc has been supplying the world with VLF and Tan Delta technology since 1998 and is known worldwide for superior sales and service. With more models, greater voltage range and higher power capability HV Inc can meet your HV cable testing needs. For more information, contact our friendly sales team.

Type Xbee 802.15.4
Range: Indoor/Outdoor 30m/300m
Alkaline Battery 2 ‘D’ cells required (4 provided)
NiMH Battery Acceptable (not included)
Voltage Range 1 – 34kV peak/1 – 25kV rms
Voltage Accuracy & Resolution 1% & 0.1kV peak
Current Load Range 0 – 15mA rms
Current Accuracy & Resolution 1% & 1µA
Tan Delta Load Range Freq: 0.1 – 0.01Hz, 5nF – 10µF
Tan Delta Accuracy & Resolution 1 x 10-4 & 1 x 10-5
Size & Weight
TD Transducer 235mm x 114mm x 102mm, 3.1kg
TD Carrying Case 406mm x 330mm x 175mm, 4.5kg
Bag w/ accessories etc 381mm x 127mm x 305mm, 5kg
Input – HV MC Connector (Male 120mm Square)
Output – HV 1/4 – 20 female thread w/ accessories
Ground 1/4 – 20 stud w/ wingnut
Operating Temperature -10⁰C to +55⁰C
Storage Temperature -25⁰C to +65⁰C
Humidity 80% up to 31⁰C