The DRALLIM Compressor Desiccator Unit 12450 (CDU 3C) is an energy saving integrated unit for supplying dry air to pressurised cables. It has been designed to alleviate the need for gas bottles in smaller exchanges, and the low dB rating allows the unit to be safely sited in manned areas. The CDU 3C consists of a small cabinet housing the compressor, desiccator, humidity detector and all electrical and pneumatic control circuits. An air receiver forms an integral part of the unit. The CDU 3C can be installed to be either wall or rack mounted using its alternative bracket positions or can equally be sited as a floor standing unit if preferred.

The CDU 3C has been designed for simple installation and requires little routine maintenance with most components mounted on a single door. The CDU 3C is supplied complete with a 2 metre mains lead terminated with a 3 pin 13A plug. The dry air outlet is via a quick-release coupling at the top of the cabinet. The mating connector is supplied terminating in an elbow to which ¼” OD tubing can be connected via a Panel Pressure Regulating 3A (BT Item Code 072999). The CDU 3C is Tester Humidity 1A compatible.

Dry air delivery Output pressure Dry air dewpoint No. of outlets Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Operating voltage
35 ft³/hr N/A -35ºC 1 800 440 330 55 230v AC