The 12447 Waveguide Dehydrator uses an efficient 1/3 HP compressor to fill its integral receiver ready for distribution. Another useful feature of this unit is the humidity detector test facility, which assists in fault analysis alongside the standard remote alarms. In common with all our current units, the 12447 is equipped with a thermal/magnetic overload circuit breaker with neon indicator.

The basis of this unit is the BT approved CDU3C, extended to include an output regulator and pressure gauge. It can be supplied with either 5 or 10 outlets, each of which is equipped with an individual alarm flowmeter to monitor airflow. Alarm levels are easily set by manually adjusting the sensor positions on each flowmeter tube. The upper sensor is positioned to the point at which an increase in flow will activate the alarm, the lower sensor at the point when a reduction in flow will automatically reset/de-activate the alarm ready for any subsequent flow increases. This removes the need for unnecessary attendance by maintenance personnel. A panel mounted alarm lamp is provided for each individual flow tube. The high flow alarm, together with other alarms generated by the unit, is extendable. These other alarms are low and high output pressure, mains fail, and high humidity. Alarm conditions can be remotely monitored via external telemetry link.

Dry air delivery Output pressure Dry air dewpoint No. of outlets Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Operating voltage
35 ft³/hr 0.5 – 7 psi -35ºC 5 or 10 1060 443 330 56 230V AC