Designed to meet the universal increase in demand for aerial and waveguide pressurisation, the 12434 Waveguide Dehydrator uses tried and tested components to combine high capacity air generation with low-pressure delivery. The unit is very compact and is intended to be either floor or wall mounting. Installation is intended to assist those who wish to increase space, and reduce vibration within their 19” racks.

The 12434 Waveguide Dehydrator generates dry air using the same 1/3HP compressor as is used in the 12437, and 12377, and uses the standard twin drying bed method of dehydration. The dry air is stored within the units’ integral receiver between 40 and 60 psi. All electric and pneumatic connections are made via the top of the units 1/4” captive seal nuts and blanking caps ensure that the unit is ready for immediate attachment to up to three 1/4” aerial feeders.

As with all the Drallim Waveguide Dehydrators, the 12434 comes complete with humidity detection equipment, and a valve to dump wet air to atmosphere in an alarm condition. Alarms can be monitored visually, using the units’ panel mounted indicators, or remotely via the external alarm terminal. The alarm equipment monitors all aspects of potential aerial pressure failure, which include high humidity, low pressure, and mains failure.

Dry air delivery Output pressure Dry air dewpoint No. of outlets Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Operating voltage
35 ft³/hr 0.5 – 7 psi -35ºC 3 820 320 200 30 230v AC