For anyone intending to carry out routine maintenance to critical pressurisation units, the 12377 is an essential tool. Weighing approximately 30kg this unit is fully portable. Its design incorporates wheels, and an extendable handle to aid its movement.

Following a recent design change to incorporate the same 1/3HP compressor that is used in the 12434, and 12437, this small unit is now able to produce a dry air output of 30 cubic feet per hour at output pressures of between 3 and 15 psi. Should increase flow be required a unique feature allows a second compressor to be connected to a built-in power take off point. Each 12377 is supplied ready to run, complete with 3 metre power lead and plug, and a quick connect chuck for pneumatic connection.

Dry air delivery Output pressure Dry air dewpoint No. of Outlets Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Operating Voltage
30 ft³/hr 3-15 psi -35ºC 1 600 330 325 30 110v AC or 230v AC