This very high-performance unit stands over 2.2m high, and is home to two 3/4HP compressors. Using timers and pressure switches, the compressors are controlled to run alternately when the demand for air is within the capability of one.

When one compressor is not enough to fill the receiver faster than the cable is drawing it off, then a switch triggers both to run simultaneously. With both compressors running, the unit can produce more than 185 cubic feet per hour at 9 psi. This is regulated and split between up to 80 outlets each with its own flowmeter for a visual indication of each cables demand for air.

Dry air delivery Output pressure Dry air dewpoint No. of Outlets Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Operating Voltage
185 ft³/hr 3 – 15 psi -40ºC up to 80 2237 560 740 210 110v AC or 230v AC