The 12255 is a unit which stands little more than 1.6m tall yet houses the 3/4HP compressor which provides the unit with the ability to produce over 100 cubic foot per hour of air at 9 psi, drying the output air to a minimum dewpoint of -40C.

The standard humidity detection equipment within the unit ensures that, should a problem occur, any moist air will be exhausted to atmosphere rather than being allowed to enter your cables. Sound-proofing is a standard feature of the 12255 and helps to keep the units’ noise to a maximum of 60dBA at lm. Standard features also include a gauge for the total output pressure and an individual flowmeter for each of up to 40 outputs.

Dry Air delivery Output pressure Dry air dewpoint No. of outlets Height (mm) Width (mm) depth (mm) Weight (kg) Operating voltage
100 ft³/hr 3 -15 psi -40ºC up to 40 1600 546 686 190 110v AC or 230v AC